A Break in Football

The World Cup qualifying matches of a few FIFA Confederations like AFC, CONMEBOL and CONCACAF take place towards the end of January. It gives a short break to the club football in Europe. This break to the players and the club’s staff is much needed as they have a more competitive season ahead of them. Many players are off to a relaxing vacation, and some of them decide to head back to their home country for relaxation. Some players are sent for recovery sessions if they have suffered an injury during the season. We will focus on a club’s activities in the break period that keep the fans involved in the season and how they monitor their players during breaks.

Fan Meetings

During such short breaks between the season, it becomes crucial for the club to keep interacting with fans. Without matches being played, there is not much chance of a fan engagement with the club. Fans play an essential role to keep the fans connected with the club. They arrange some small events where the fans can meet the players and have their questions answered or get their jerseys signed, etc.; through such events, they keep the fans attention towards the club. 

Club Events

It is pretty simple to gain fans attention by giving them a chance to meet the player or by gifting them club merchandise. Clubs also announces competitions in which the fans are lured into just by seeing the available prices. Social media has made it convenient for clubs to reach out to fans. Also, using the same technique, fans interact with their clubs.

Increasing the Fan Engagement

Many clubs also target the foreign players on their side to attract fans from their respective countries. For example, Korean people follow Tottenham because Son plays in that club, or Egyptian people follow Liverpool because of Salah. It helps the club increase their fan engagement and make their club’s reach global. 

Tracking the Players

Modern football has become very competitive, and the team needs to keep their players fully fit and in good shape throughout the season. If one of their leading players become unfit, that will affect their whole season. The introduction of new technologies and the involvement of medical science in the sport makes it easy for the club to monitor a player’s fitness. Each player is studied thoroughly and is assisted with proper diet, exercises, a routine to follow for the whole season. Whenever away from the team, this helps the players to stay fit and healthy. 

How do you feel this small break help the players mentally and physically?