Football lockdown in Poland

From today, a lockdown is in force in Poland, approved by government regulations. Closed hotels and sports facilities, children returned to distance learning. Third wave of coronavirus – a pale fear has fallen on our nation. Hmmm …

Such a picture from an hour ago. Local Biedra. 5 cash desks are open, a dozen or so customers are waiting for each in the queue, without keeping a distance, with masks on the chin or not, and the store is full of dozens in such a crush that it is difficult to squeeze through even without a trolley. You surely know this image perfectly well from your favorite discounters with foreign capital. I would like to remind you that there has been a lockdown in Poland for several hours , related to the 3rd wave of the coronavirus.

I am not a virologist, I do not know the course of a pandemic, I have no specialist knowledge in the subject. However, like the majority of society, I observe the situation, I can count, analyze and draw conclusions.

What is the point of another lockdown, I don’t know. We cannot rest in a hotel, we can sing in the church, we cannot play football, we can push our way to the cash register in Biedronki and other Lidlach. Every day we come into contact with at least a dozen other people at work, in a shop, at a gas station, etc. Those people we pass by, have contact with another dozen, those with another … Do you know what a vicious circle looks like? Just like that. During the first wave, we knew about the second, during the second wave they announced the third one, despite the introduction of further restrictions. This is how we can race in COVID endlessly.

Sport is health

As mentioned above, I don’t know anything about viruses, but I know a little bit about football. Over 20 years of functioning in the realities of amateur football in various roles, allowed me to gain experience, which I share, among others, on RomanOwo.

From childhood, we were told that sport is good for health. Movement supports immunity, strengthens the body, and brings invaluable health benefits. And guess what? This is bullshit. Our parents, PE teachers, biology textbooks lied to us. You want to be healthy, man, stay at home. By the way, stuff yourself with just anything, watch TV and don’t even dare to stick your nose in the fresh air. I am ironic, of course, but looking at what the government is doing to us football enthusiasts, I cannot do otherwise.

Explicit killing of amateur football

We didn’t play football last year, there are many indications that we will be thrown at our feet in this one as well. We trained in the conspiracy in winter, weaving through forests and other holes, we combined, so that we could kick a ball under normal conditions. Now that it seemed that the situation had normalized as well, we are in the head again. I will repeat the question asked a thousand times: what is the difference between an amateur footballer from A class playing with passion, from a friend, playing two levels higher, for a scholarship of PLN 1000? Well sorry …

While the government errs in its irrational decisions, I am surprised by the passive attitude of some ZPN. Centrala is silent, because it has not been a shit on us for a long time, which we have seen many times. There, professional football and youth training have long been focused on, because it translates into their income. But the provincial unions live off of us. These are thousands of tiny, rural clubs, barely making ends meet, sending them money for which they can function, pay for their employees, etc. Entrepreneurs revolted when subsequent restrictions deprived them of “bread”, and most of the ZPNs are silent, agreeing to the situation.

Yes, there are those that try to do something, struggle, try to avoid something, organize it, but will it be effective? I hope so. Time and determination will show. I keep my fingers crossed for our Podkarpackie ZPN, which has already announced some actions …

As a former trade union activist, I regret to observe the situation of amateur football in our country. Not only do we have a huge problem with young people who are not keen on playing, more clubs do not join the games, there are no sponsors, and local governments tighten their belts (to elections), skim on subsidies, but we also have to deal with constant uncertainty, difficult acceptable with decisions that are the nail in the coffin for other teams, often with long traditions.

But why should clubs break up because of the inability to train and play? Because clubs are people. It is about 650,000 players, most of whom do it out of passion, who selflessly devote their time, health and often money to be able to compete and meet friends on Sunday. They have their patience, they can finally wave their hand, give up, because uncertainty about what will happen next does not help. If there will be no one to play, there will be no club, no clubs, no league, no league… that’s it. We are inevitably approaching the centralization of our Polish football.

Another aspect I need to mention is anger. I myself feel very angry with the situation, where 4 days before the league we learn that we will not be playing for at least 3 weeks. There are many amateur clubs in Poland, which, despite the fact that they play at the lowest levels of the game, have high ambitions and approach the competition so seriously that they have, for example, a planned preparatory period, spend money on transfers, organizing sparrings, etc. it seems that everything is in order, the players are to have a forced vacation of several weeks. I will not exaggerate if, quoting the classic, half-jokingly, I say that “the whole intricate plan in cunt” …

I could do that for a long time, but what for? What will it do? We sit tight until April 9, hoping that after that time they will let us, maybe they will do less tests and the disease bars will drop … Let’s be patient, but at the same time let’s not be passive, because in a moment our stadiums will be plowed up and the club records will end up in the last attic president …

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