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Having operated in the football industry for years, we have learned that the key to success is listening to your needs. Yours, that is players and players, coaches or devoted parents of young football adepts. In order to meet your expectations, from month to month we try to create new products that will be used in the football industry. Sometimes it is a completely innovative product, and sometimes we try to improve the already known solution. This time we would like to present you with football pins and a medical freezer signed with the brand.


Football Pins / Screws

For many years, replacement studs for Nike and Puma football boots have been a problem. This product is either completely unavailable on the market, or it is almost a miracle to get it. Losing a single stud often meant buying new football boots. Fortunately, this problem is over. The soccer studs / screws are suitable for both the American giant Nike and the German manufacturer Puma. This news will please all owners of the Mercurial, Phantom, Tiempo, Premier, Ultra or Future Z models.

We offer two variants of replacement football pins / screws.

The first one is made of thermoplastic polyurethane and aluminum. In short, it is marked as TPU. The set includes 12 pieces in sizes 8x13mm + 4x16mm. The product has catalog number S737037.

The second option is intended for soft and boggy grasslands. It is made of 100% aluminum. The set also includes 12 pieces, and their dimensions are 8x11mm + 4x13mm. The product has catalog number S737034.

We hope that the presented football studs will please all footballers and soccer players and will solve your problems related to replacement plugs.

Medical freezer

The second product that we would like to introduce to you is the medical freezer. Anyone who has played football or any other contact sport, even as an amateur, knows what pain is generated by a blow to the tibia, ankle or a muscle. If we want to return to the game quickly and eliminate the injury, we decide to use artificial ice. Reading this, you probably remember the specific, unpleasant smell that such drugs give off. Unlike most freezers on the market, our product does not leave this smell. Additionally, it is officially labeled as a medical product.

Ice spray is lightning fast and provides immediate relief.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the freezer should be used from a distance of 25 cm, and the injured place should not be cooled for more than 5 seconds. It is not recommended to use in the case of abrasions and wounds.

We believe that our efforts will make the game of football even more enjoyable. If you have any ideas for products that would be useful during training and matches – let me know. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.Regardless of the level, you need a ball to play. Both the young football adept and the old eagle-eater will be pleased with such a gift. Our offer includes brands such as adidas, Nike, Puma or Joma. From among the many bank designs, you will choose the one that will suit the recipient’s taste the most.