What do you need to start your football adventure?

The sport of soccer has been popular for many years. Currently, football is a royal discipline, it enjoys the greatest popularity all over the world. Over the years, it has gathered over four billion fans, which is an amazing result, because more than every second person on earth is a fan of this sport

You have certainly dealt with football yourself many times. We hear about it on the radio, read it on the internet and watch it on TV. It is difficult to pass by the topic indifferently, especially now that our compatriot, Robert Lewandowski, is climbing to the heights of this sport, and the media continues to provide information about his results and subsequent awards he received for being such a phenomenal footballer. However, we do not focus today on football from the side of being a fan, but on playing football. Each of us, being a small child, played with the ball. With time, when we acquired greater efficiency, the game changed and began to resemble football as we know it from the game watched on TV. Back then, none of us focused on equipment, and an ordinary rag ball kicked in shoes for everyday use was enough. Each of us grew up and began to take the ball more seriously, and therefore saw the need for better equipment. We write about what you need below.

The first element is the ball. 

What would soccer be without … soccer? Although this sentence may not make much sense, the element of ball is the basis for practicing the sport and the gameBuying football is not an easy task as the manufacturers offer us countless balls. The most important thing in choosing the right ball for us will be to determine how much we want to spend. Basic balls from reputable companies can be purchased for as little as PLN 60, but if we decide to buy a licensed match, we will have to spend a few hundred zlotys. If we already know how much we want to spend, there is a matter of choosing the ball visually.


The second element without which it is difficult to go out on the pitch are appropriate footwear. Good plugs are those that will allow us to move comfortably on the pitch, precisely control the ball and make accurate shots. As in the case of a ball, the decisive factor will be the price, because you can buy shoes for PLN 200 and you can buy them for over PLN 1000. Another and the most important thing is choosing the right shoe for your foot. It’s best to go to the store and try on different models in different shapes to choose the one in which we feel best – the shoe that will fit best on our feet and will allow us to play well. In fact, anyone can play football, even the number of players does not have to be equal. Basically anyone can understand the rules, you only need a few minutes to explain the rules and you can easily master the game. In the 90s, due to the widespread lack of computers, many children played football in the playground from morning to evening. Moreover, you can play this game anywhere. Of course, not always at the same level, not always with all the rules, sometimes without drawing a line, usually the ball is not a real ball, but that is not important. The spirit of recreation, sport, competition and teamwork will keep you going anyway.